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All your marketing materials – your logo, stationery, envelopes, business cards, website, etc., should be tied together with a common theme – often called an “identity package”.

A professional business needs letterhead, envelopes, business cards. These days, any business has to have a website.   If you have one, and it isn’t doing the job, you need a new one or your site fixed up. Just about any business worth its salt is going to need a brochure.

You have to do something to let people know you exist.  With many businesses, a direct mail piece (usually a postcard) or an ad is a good starting place. Lots of companies thrive with trade shows or Internet marketing.

A company will usually struggle until it has, in place and functioning well, all of the marketing elements it really needs – and is reaching out to the potential customers (whether by ad, direct mail, Internet or otherwise) in volume.


New Business Basic Package
(also works for an existing business that needs a complete re-work or upgrade of its image and marketing):

1. A simple logo design or upgrade, plus help with a slogan and/or tagline.
2. Design of letterhead, envelopes and business cards (optional: includes printing).
3. Website design.
4. Brochure design (optional: includes printing).

Trade Show Marketing Package

1. Trade Show display design:
2. Handouts design
(brochure, sell sheet or sheets and/or line cards. Optional: includes printing)
3. Announcement (direct mail, letter and/or ad announcing your exhibiting at show. Optional: includes printing).


Internet Marketing Package:

1. Website design or redesign (optional: includes website hosting).
2. Internet Marketing / Search Engine Optimization for your website
3. Email newsletter or ad design.

Marketing Essentials Package with Direct Mail:

1. Website design or redesign.
2. Brochure design (optional: includes printing).
3. Postcard design (optional: includes printing).

Marketing Essentials Package with Advertising:

1. Website design or redesign.
2. Brochure design (optional: includes printing).
3. Print ad design.

So how about a marketing package from Wheels of Media?  One client reported their new business almost doubled just from doing these actions.  Another almost doubled their new business just by getting a good website. 


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